Lonnie Scruggs

Lonnie Scruggs was born and raised in Virginia. For 35 years he owned, rented, managed and maintained his own rental properties.Lonnie became a burned out landlord so he started selling off his properties and buying discounted notes. When it became difficult to find good notes to buy, Lonnie found a way to "make" his own with mobile homes.Lonnie has developed his own specialty in used mobile home notes, with little competition and earning high yields. Lonnie tells all and shares his inside secrets in his books and home study course.

    Lonnie Scruggs Articles

    • The Choice Is Yours

      I came across some interesting figures put out by the Bureau of Statistics and the IRS. Thought maybe some of you would find them interesting, too. Twelve percent of Americans over sixty-five are living, or trying to live, on incomes of less than $5,000. Only four percent of people over sixty-five have annual incomes of …

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    • Start the New Year Right!

      I was just reading some of my notes and quotes that I’ve complied over the years and thought I’d share some of them with you. Most were obtained from various speakers/teachers/writers of motivational tapes/books/seminars etc. Hope they have the same positive impact on you, as they did for me. If you’re not getting what you …

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    • How to Build Long Term Security

      Finding and keeping a good long term customer does more for your financial wealth than a “One Shot-One Profit” deal. If you do one cash deal, you get one check. But a long term, good paying customer will make you payments for many years. So regardless what business you’re in, if you want to be …

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    • How Good Can it Get?

      After twelve years in the mobile homes business and many killer deals, I keep thinking it can’t get any better. But it seems like there’s always somebody that comes along and proves me wrong. I have to share this recent deal with you…it’s too good to keep to myself. A little over three years ago …

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    • Have You had Your Financial Check-Up Lately

      Seems like there’s always somebody telling us we should get a physical check-up every year, or so. But when was the last time you had a financial check-up? Or, have you ever had one? If not, then don’t wait any longer. Here’s a simple little test that will show whether you pass, or if you …

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    • Ask Questions and Make Money

      If you’re running short of money, maybe it’s because you’re not asking enough questions. Especially when it comes to asking for discounts when you buy something. It’s amazing what results you can get sometimes by simply asking a question. Let me explain what I mean by sharing several actual case histories with you. Yesterday, while …

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    • A Perpetual Money Machine

      Just how much money can you make on one old mobile home? I don’t know, but I’ve got one that won’t go away…. it’s like a perpetual money machine. Every time I think the loan will be paid off, something happens and I get the home back and sell it again. I first bought this …

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    • Prescription for Burned-Out Landlords

      Are you a burned out landlord like I am? Someone who is just plain sick and tired of dealing with tenants and rental properties? If so, let me share with you how we’ve been able to eliminate tenants, management, and maintenance, yet still get a check (actually two checks) each month. You might want to …

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