Lorelei Stevens

Lorelei Stevens is president of Wall Street Brokers, Inc. in Seattle, Washington. She has been a licensed real estate broker (Washington State Real Estate Brokers License WA-LL-SB-*275LD) and a discounted note buyer since the 1970s. She has worked her entire adult life with Wall Street Brokers negotiating millions of dollars of paper and is a nationally recognized expert.Lorelei has taught Legal Continuing Education seminars and has written numerous articles for legal, real estate and other professional publications on the subjects of seller-financing, managing, reinforcing and buying paper. She is the author of two books, one on seller-financing and another on note buying. She also writes a monthly column for Noteworthy Newsletter and is a frequent contributor to The Paper Source.

    Lorelei Stevens Articles

    • Wraparounds Work!

      What is a wraparound seller-financed note? It is simply a second promissory note carried back by a seller who continues to pay the existing first note. The key to a wraparound is that the seller continues paying the first note after selling the property, just as they did before they sold it. At the same …

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    • Wraparound Wisdom

      What is a wraparound seller-financed note? Simply put, a wraparound is a second position note wherein the payor pays the seller who, in turn, continues to pay the first note. You, the note buyer, come into the picture by stepping into the seller’s shoes. You purchase the second note (the wraparound), and receive the payments …

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    • Simultaneous Closings

      A simultaneous closing, sometimes called “table funding,” is a transaction in which the seller sells the property, carries a note, and then sells the note at the same time the property sells, or within a very short time afterwards. This type of transaction falls in a gray area of the law. It could be considered …

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    • Seller Seconds

      You’re selling your real estate. You have a good offer from a buyer. However, your buyer doesn’t qualify for more than a new 70% to 80% loan, and is short on the down payment. It’s a common situation in today’s real estate market. The usual scenario is for the buyer to offer you a second …

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    • Recourse Revealed

      You want to sell your note for cash. When you sell it, you endorse your note over to the note buyer. An endorsement of a note is much like the endorsement of a check. A typical endorsement says: “For value received, pay to the order of (note buyer)” and must be signed and dated by …

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    • Reasonable Replacement Notes

      It’s the note seller’s worst nightmare. You need cash and want to sell your seller-financed note, but you can’t find the original. There may be a photocopy, but the real note is nowhere to be found. It is lost, stolen, or destroyed. Now what do you do? The best option is for you or us …

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    • Puzzling Partials

      One of the most questionable transactions in the seller-financed note industry is known as the “PARTIAL”. A typical partial is your purchase of a certain number of time payments from the whole future payment stream of a note. For example, a partial would be your purchase of the next 60 payments of a 120 payment …

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    • Precarious Partials

      When you consider selling your note, you may find buyers who offer you a deal called a “partial.” A partial is a note transaction in which you do not sell the entire note all at once. In a partial, you do not step completely out of the picture. For example, if you sell half of …

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    • Negotiable Notes

      In order for us to buy your note, it must be negotiable. The Uniform Commercial Code, the law controlling this subject, contains many complicated requirements that require expertise to comply with. We have that expertise, and will examine your note carefully to make sure we want to buy it. We have learned a few simple …

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    • Maria’s Money

      My name is Maria Stevens, and I just had my 10th birthday. I’m lucky that I’ve already started to make money with real estate and business notes, so I can save for college! I may seem young for this, but I trust the advice I get, and I really like the idea of making money! …

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