Lori Greymont

Lori Greymont

Lori Greymont is a seasoned real estate investor and creator of the hit TV show, Funding Faceoff, where investors pitch their real estate deals for the chance to win funding and collaboration from the show’s panel of expert deal makers. Following in the footsteps of her entrepreneurial mother, she learned the business from the inside out. After years of success and significant victories, life threw her a brutal curveball where she was forced to either give up, or fight to win. She chose to fight and as a result, was able to bounce back and go on to even bigger things through the power of collaboration. That lesson was the catalyst for the mission she’s on today — to help 5,000 real estate entrepreneurs get their real estate deals done with the Funding Faceoff TV show and Mastermind.

    Lori Greymont's Articles

    • The Growing Need for Financial Literacy in the Face of Recession and Inflation by Lori

      The Growing Need for Financial Literacy in the Face of Recession and Inflation

      We’re standing on the precipice of a financial storm as the shadows of recession and inflation loom over all of us. For many people in America today, these economic indicators are mere industry jargon, detached from the reality of their daily lives. But in truth, they are alarm bells that signal upcoming challenges, including reduced purchasing power, unemployment, and a decline in revenue. Understanding the twin threats First, let’s break down the terminology. Recession — This term refers to a significant decline in economic activity across the economy, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters. It’s…

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