Martin Gajewski

Martin Gajewski, a native of Chicago, landed his first job at the Chicago Tribune as a teenager making a few bucks by selling newspaper subscriptions door to door. He also honed his skills and worked for his family's 25 year old construction business as well. After a couple years, Martin was entrusted with directing and managing his own crews and territories in both businesses. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to the marketing department at the Chicago Tribune. His opportunity and chance of a lifetime came when he married his Brazilian wife. After years of missing her family, they decided to relocate to Brazil. Having been well educated in the states, Triton College in Chicago, a background in marketing and construction and coupled with his wife's family's 25 year old real estate business in Brazil, he quickly adjusted to real estate investing on the international scene. Martin Gajewski, works as an Offshore Investment Consultant & International Property Broker and lives in Fortaleza City, Brazil.

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