Michael Jake

Michael Jake, founder of the Swift Results, Inc. Companies, has an extensive background in sales, marketing, finance, and real estate investing. He is the creative mind and visionary behind the Swift Results team and has developed a variety of creative financing strategies and alternative investment models that have placed Swift Results, Inc. and it's subsidiary companies on the cutting edge of the residential real estate investment industry. Michael Jake has personally completed hundreds of complex real estate transactions since 2000 and is known as the "go-to guy" for creative deal structures and complicated financing strategies in residential real estate. He has become a highly sought-after instructor on the various topics involved with creative real estate investing, internet marketing, social media,and business automation strategies. Michael Jake is at the helm of the The Swift Results, Inc family of companies which encompasses over 15 separate entities and a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio. Michael is a loving husband to Lori Jake and father of his son, Joshua, as well as a passionate learner and outdoor enthusiast.