Michael Morrongiello

"Michael has been involved over the years in the purchase of thousands of seller financed real estate loans in every state in the Union and knows what crucial skills must be mastered in order to succeed with discounted paper. His expertise, candor, and ability to quickly size up and analyze financing options that surround existing and proposed transactions make his companies services invaluable to the Real Estate & Note community. Sunvest is a nationwide portfolio investor in Real Estate secured paper. For more information you may contact Michael at the offices of Sunvest International,Inc.. located at: 255 W. Napa St., Ste H, Sonoma, CA 95476 or by phone # 707-939-9450 or e-mail; [email protected]"

    Michael Morrongiello Articles

    • What’s Your Game Plan?

      I recently had the pleasure of attending a local real estate investors group meeting and listening to a tax accountant discuss his real estate investment strategies. In addition to sharing with the group different tax angles he made a most profound statement that he asked to all of us in the room. He asked us …

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    • Ten Simple Steps to Buying Bank Notes

      As the real estate market slow down continues, and with foreclosures on the rise in most of the country, lenders are finding themselves overwhelmed with many sub-performing and non-performing loans. Many lenders are willing to consider a “short sale” where the lender will accept something far less than what is actually owed to them. However, …

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    • Now I Know My A, B, C’s

      Today’s discount note marketplace along with the involvement over the last few years of a variety of new investors has created underwriting criteria and philosophy which crossover in similarities to mortgage loan origination companies. Learning the mortgage industry “alphabet” as it relates to credit grading and acquiring a good fundamental grasp of how to interpret …

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    • Let’s Connect the Dot’s

      The Five “F’s” for Real Estate & Paper Investors As children we’ve all played a fun game called “connect the dot’s” where we draw a line linking one dot to another dot until a clear picture comes into focus as it is formed. With Real Estate as an investment vehicle there are many opportune ways …

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    • Estoppel – Is Balance Verification Important?

      Whether you are purchasing an existing seller held Real Estate secured instrument such as a mortgage, trust deed, land contract, etc., for your own portfolio or attempting to broker it to an investor When one purchases such an instrument you should realize that the actual outstanding balance owed on the instrument may vary depending on …

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    • Creating Marketable Notes

      The day has come when savvy entrepreneurs, investors, rehabbers, FSBO’s, Realtors, and other Real Property owners have come to the realization that they can sell their properties faster by offering owner financing and still get to a cash position. The advent and acceptance of what often is referred to as a ‘simultaneous closings” where a …

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