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    • Real Estate Syndication Basics: Crowdfunding For Real Estate Profits

      Without some knowledge concerning real estate syndication basics, you might be missing out on some incredible profit-generating opportunities. For instance, if you’ve ever been in a position where you weren’t able to fund or finance an investment property on your own, then real estate syndication might have been the answer. I recently interviewed Vinney Chopra – someone who has facilitated more than 20 successful syndication deals – to gain insight on the basics of crowdfunded real estate syndication investing for listeners. Below, I’ve put together some information on the basics of real estate syndication.Real Estate Syndication Basics: What Is It?Before skimming over…

    • Real Estate Millionaire Success Steps To Achieve Your Million-Dollar Goals

      Is one of your goals to become a real estate millionaire? Do you have a plan, a road-map, for making a million dollars in real estate? You can achieve your goal of becoming a real estate millionaire if you follow the 3 success steps outlined by millionaire real estate coach JV Crum III in this blog post.JV is an expert at bringing salespeople to their highest level – helping real estate agents & investors sell more houses, make more commissions, and become real estate millionaires.He dives deep into how you can make a million dollars or take your million-dollar real…

    • Common Mistakes Realtors & Investors Make

      “I want to inspire entrepreneurs to do something a little more with their business than just making a profit.” These are the words that stuck to my mind during and after my interview with Gary Griffiths. It caught my attention because we have the same point of view. Making a profit is the main goal of every business. What you do with the profit and how you position your business are different things entirely.Gary Griffiths is no stranger to real estate and marketing. In fact, he co-founded Three Sides Local – customized Facebook ads that are proven and tested to help attract more leads…

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