Robert Eisenstein

Robert Eisenstein

Robert Eisenstein is the President and Chairman of HomeRun Homes. His company specializes in the Rent-to-Own and the Lease-to-Buy segment of real estate investing. He has led the company through a number of ups and downs in the Real Estate market since 2002. Robert Eisenstein holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from Baruch College in New York City, and has both a Financial and a Technical background, which makes HomeRun Homes the force that it has become. Robert got his start some 8 years ago when a good friend asked if he was interested in investing in properties in Florida, inviting him to tag along to check it out for himself. He quickly left the major NYC corporation he was working for and has been investing in real estate ever since. Robert Eisenstein has remained successful by focusing on the rent-to-own segment of the real estate market. HomeRun Homes has also expanded in other markets of real estate and has received extensive media coverage. Robert Eisenstein is also known as the "Lease To Buy" guy.

    Robert Eisenstein's Articles

    • How a Rent to Own Can Help You in Troubled Times

      With the recent negative economic situation and its effect on the housing market, homeowners have been stuck trying to sell their homes, and have had to watch as their home value slipped and they had to keep making payments on their home.On the other side of the table, the economic situation has affected many potential buyers of homes as well; due to job losses, missed mortgage payments, heavy debt, and ultimately, bad credit, they have been unable to procure a mortgage for a new home. Couple this with the fact that banks hit a standstill where they were not making…

    • Crucial Parts of a Rent to Own Deal

      Hi Investors – “Rent to Own Homes” are an excellent vehicle for both buyers and sellers to take advantage of in real estate. However, some folks throw around those 4 words in a haphazard manner with no thought behind it. When that happens, it opens the door to bad things, and some bad folks trying to profit on the backs of innocent people. Let me explain…..I’ve been in the real estate investing business – and an especially high advocate for this alternative financing method – for over 10-years. You should be fully convinced that I take the phrase, “Rent to…

    • 4 Real Estate Investor Tips For Buying Your First Property

      By a virtual show of hands, how many of you are hunting and searching for your for investing deal this weekend? For those of you that raised your virtual hand as a “yes” to deal-hunting, do you feel anxiety about buying an investment property? Do you feel like you might not be able to keep up the payments, or afford the rehab necessary to get the property ready for resale, or afraid of any problems that might come up with inspection?”Most people only buy a couple homes in their lifetime. This lack of experience leads many investor buyers to feel…

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