Scott Scheel

Scott Scheel

Scott Scheel is the nation's leading authority on creative commercial real estate investment. His unique strategies for investing in apartments, office buildings and retail shopping centers of any size have forever changed the world of successful real estate investing. Scott is a self-educated multimillionaire entrepreneur and two time Congressional Businessman of the Year (2004 & 2005) as recognized in the Wall Street Journal. Scott Scheel has created an amazing commercial real estate empire with no formal education or previous experience. In the last decade he has bought or partnered on commercial properties worth in excess of $150,000,000. In last 24 months of investing alone, he has generated over $33,000,000 in cash and profits...using other people's money! Scott will teach you how to take your investment career to the next level expanding into the ultra profitable world of commercial real estate. Scott Scheel's system covers in depth all major types of commercial properties including apartments, retail, office, and land.

    Scott Scheel's Articles

    • Need To Hire A Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

      As a new investor or perhaps you are a experienced real estate investor working on a complex deal, you may consider it necessary to use an attorney during your commercial real estate transaction. There are a few things you need to consider before you engage the services of a commercial real estate attorney.How Do Attorneys Help Commercial Real Estate Investors?First and most important, they help identify, negotiate and manage the risk. This is why it is ideal to find not only a commercial real estate attorney but also one whom invests in commercial real estate.The attorney will help you draft…

    • Is The Pot At The End Of Your Rainbow Filled With Fool’s Gold? (Part 2)

      Most people start investing in real estate because they view it as a path to wealth and freedom. What they don’t realize is that if they are only investing in single family homes, they are trading in one job for a perceived higher-paying job, but they will not necessarily find the freedom they are looking for.As we discussed in part one of this article, the people that are making the “big money” in real estate are the ones that own the buildings, not the houses – the people who own the large apartment buildings, the large office buildings, the large…

    • Is The Pot At The End Of Your Rainbow (Part 1)

      People often ask me how I got started in commercial real estate, and I tell them that it was a conscious decision for me. Most people who begin investing in real estate start off with single family residential properties because that is what they are most comfortable with. They tell themselves, “All I need to do is a couple of deals a month. I’ll make myself five or ten thousand dollars, then at the end of a very few months most of my problems will be taken care of.”They do not really understand everything that is involved in getting these…

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