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    • 4 Keys To Success With Vacation Rentals. Part 2

      We had a two-unit upper/lower unit in Hamtramck that always rented to polish folks in the neighborhood. For as long as I can remember Hamtramck was primarily a polish immigrant community. My tenants could not speak English, and even though I am Polish, I can not speak Polish, which made our monthly collections interesting. The tenants always demanded that I pick up the rent from them in person. While picking up the rent they insisted that I sit and have a few drinks with them. They did not use the phone or the mail. Everything was going great until the…

    • 4 Keys To Success With Vacation Rentals. Part 1

      I was reading some “advice” on vacation rentals somewhere on the internet. I recall it told the reader to list their vacation home for rent through the big #1 vacation rental advertising website to get renters. Agreed, this of course is a good first step. Next, the article said to go out and get your own domain name for your property. Again, agreed, I strongly suggest this as well . Lastly it told the reader to point their new domain name to their listing on the vacation rental advertising website. …This part I don’t agree with very much.Bad advice just…

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