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The Seller Script helps you overcome phone shyness. You’ll remember to ask the important questions by using the Seller Script as your guide. Or simply give the script to your assistant to take incoming calls to free up your time for more important tasks.

The Seller Information Form is your one page summary of all the important facts of a property. You can pick and choose which fields you think are important or use them all. The Seller Information Form makes it easy for you to compare properties and to do a quick analysis of which properties to pursue further.

The Property Evaluation Form gives you consistent, detailed results with your property walk-throughs. Simply fill out the one page Property Evaluation Form as you go through each property or right after, so you have good notes on the condition of all aspects of the interior and exterior of the house. Or hand the form to your contractor to get detailed repair estimates by line item.

“How to Handle Seller Calls” is a powerful 60 minute audio interview that will teach you how to talk to sellers, including examples of what to say, when to say it and more importantly, how to say it. Even experienced investors will pick up some great nuggets from this audio.

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Free Seller Forms

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