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How To Get All The Cash You Need To Score Any Real Estate Deal

If you had all the Money you wanted for Real Estate, how much money could
you make this year?….

To Be Successful in Real Estate You Often Only Need One Slight Edge……….. Money.

Top real estate business owners have cracked the code to funding all of their deals by taking advantage of private lending.

Most interested real estate investors recognize the astounding opportunities in the market today. Seasoned pros are convinced the market is full of are generational and perhaps multi-generational opportunities.

Which means you should never miss out on a Real Estate deal again because you lack money.

Investors Are Out There Waiting To Invest Their Money On Your Deals:

Nationally recognized private money lending experts Patrick Riddle, John Burley, and Alan Cowgill sat down with us to reveal their insider strategies on how to quickly and easily line up more private money than you have deals.

We've taken our recordings of our interviews with them and bundled them together in our newly revamped educational portal to share these must-know strategies that both seasoned and prospective real estate business owners should use.

You'll Learn:

These strategy and tactic-dense interviews will be delivered to you in our newly revamped membership portal… where you can listen from your computer, phone or download and put onto your mp3 player or wherever.

If you haven't heard our interviews before, let us assure you, they're not the typical light-on-content, heavy-on-pitch “interviews”.

Eric S.

San Diego, CA

The private money interview series gives a good understanding of what private money is. Each of the participants describes in detail what private money is and how it differentiates from hard money. They also give unique ways to attract private money to fund your deals…I will definitely send my partners your way so that they too can learn from this awesome series.

In fact, there's no pitch at all. They're pause and rewind, detail-dense, real-world lessons.

​Each interview was carefully prepared and our experts dive into the important aspects and keep each guest focused and on track. The quality of the content is as good or better than some private seminars.

But it won't cost you seminar prices!

Regular: $39.95 Today Only $9.95 (75% Off)
These Interviews Are Now Delivered Digitally For Your Convenience.

About The Experts

Patrick Riddle
Patrick Riddle

Patrick has been a full-time real estate investor out of Charleston, South Carolina since 2002. He got his start in college buying and flipping houses and has known no other career.

Since getting started, Patrick has recruited over $6 million cash from private lenders and closed over 127 deals.

John Burley
John Burley

John began his career in selling, starting at the age of 6. A top salesperson, he then established himself in financial planning, while learning the World of Wall St.

In 1989, he founded his Private Equity Company, where he serves today as the Founder & CEO. It has constantly maintained a position as a leader in the industry, with over 1,800 real estate transactions completed.

John has written several books, with Money Secrets of the Rich and Powerful Changes both reaching #1 Best-Seller Status and has worked with industry leaders like Donald Trump, Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Robert Kiyosaki, and Nick Vujicic.

Alan Cowgill
Alan Cowgill

Alan Cowgill is the owner of Colby Properties, LLC. and President of Integrity Home Buyers, Inc. Alan is a full-time Real Estate Investor, investing in single family and small multi-family properties in Springfield, Ohio.

Since 1995, Alan has bought and sold over 200 investment properties. Alan uses Private Lenders, not banks; to fund his real estate purchases. By doing this, he has created his own private bank of $2,000,000 in funds.

Alan has served as an elected official to the Board of Directors for the Clark County Property Management Association. He is an author, consultant and national speaker. He has been asked to speak on the topics of “Investing for the Beginning Investor.” and “Finding Private Lenders.” His home study system, “Private Lending Made Easy”, shows new and seasoned real estate investors how to find private lenders for their own real estate business.

What You'll Get For $39.95 $9.95:

Three (3) Interview Audios

Each speaker spends approximately an hour revealing what type of person makes the best lender, how to locate these lenders, how to find existing private lenders, what to say, when to say it, and so much more

Three (3) Interview Nuggets

Summary page with bullet point highlights of each interview for quick reference

Three (3) Interview Transcripts

Each interview is transcribed for you in its entirety (20+ pages) and ready to download for easy reading and reference whenever you want

Regular: $39.95 Today Only $9.95 (75% Off)
These Interviews Are Now Delivered Digitally For Your Convenience.

Here’s What Customers Are Saying:

I enjoy listening to the interviews. They all have great information and get me motivated to continue my pursuit as a full-time real estate investor. I enjoy hearing everyone's techniques and theories on what makes the best investors. Being able to print the transcripts and read on the plane is even better.

John O'Connor​
Glendale, AZ

“Tim keeps the interviews to the point and moving for maximum information in the time frame. From getting started through the advertising, referrals, SEC regulations, and “How To's” are covered by 3 very experienced and successful investors and educators. Nice work. Thank You.

Sid Marquis
Spokane, WA

100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

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The information in these items combined is literally worth thousands of dollars. You cannot afford to ignore this one-time opportunity to get this much valuable information for such a low price. If you're serious about real estate investing, you gotta get this package today!

Regular: $39.95 Today Only $9.95 (75% Off)
These Interviews Are Now Delivered Digitally For Your Convenience.

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