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This $6 TRILLION (and Growing) Niche?

Tim Randle of REIClub.com here with a very interesting, low competition, real estate niche for your consideration. Take 3 minutes to consider if it's right for you…

Know anything about probate?

Ever been through one?

Do you know it may be the most lucrative source of real estate deals?

Probate, plain and simple, is the legal process of settling the debts and distributing the assets of a deceased person.

No will – probate required. Will – probate required.

The only way to avoid probate is by putting your assets in Trusts. (And you really, really, really should do that. Saves lots of time and money. Most people don't though).

Here are some facts you should know:

(Side note: You won't need to become a lawyer, or even deal with lawyers to work this market)

Homeownership facts:

TAKE AWAY: About 80% of people 65+ years old own real estate and nearly three in four (72%) own it free and clear.

Probate facts:

TAKE AWAY: Probates are increasing significantly because the over 60 population is increasing significantly.

Probate versus Pre-Foreclosure / Short Sale


Getting Private Money is a home study course that delivers a step-by-step process and all the information and resources you need to build your pool of Private Money Lenders. It's not just part of the puzzle, but a start to finish guide that will help you build your empire and cash in on this real estate boom.

This treasure includes 6 CDs with 85 bite-size audio lessons – sit and listen or listen on the go. Either way you'll get your own personal instructor guiding and walking you through exactly what you need to do to find and secure your own pool of private money.

You also get a 148 page manual – read through at your own pace and keep it handy to quickly refer to particular topics right when you need them.

Also – Powerpoint Presentation, a complete sample prospect Powerpoint presentation program that you can copy and use as your own.

Plus – Credibility Kit, sample forms you can show the prospect to build your credibility as an investor and business owner.

Plus – Marketing Kit, sample ads, flyers, etc. you can use to attract private lenders to you easily and legally.

And – a Fast Start CD to get you started… FAST. These audios lay out the big picture and get your mindset focused and primed to dig into the details of the full program. They can also serve as a refresher.

I purchased REIClub's Getting Private Money course 3 weeks ago. It was one of the best investments I have ever made. I've already found 3 new private lenders at great terms for my next two deals. Their course is very detailed and provides so much helpful knowledge and experience for anyone who is looking to take their real estate investing business to the next level. I highly recommend it!
Omer Reiner
Davie, FL

Wait. It Gets Better...

If you're a serious player – ready to change your life and build your Real Estate Empire with Private Money, you can get this step-by-step blueprint for FREE. (details below)

Getting Private Money is a definitive A to Z plan to solve your mortgage problem and make it possible to cash in on once in a life time Real Estate deals.

How does Private Money solve your money constraints and even make your profit margins bigger?

Private Money is a source – a non-bank source – of funds to finance deals. But in this case, the ‘Bank' doesn't write the rules or control you. You negotiate ALL the terms directly with your private lenders – EVERYTHING from the rate to the payments. You are the ‘Committee', you write the rules. Flexibility and control means more deals and more profit potential.

Private money is also more efficient. Have you ever looked at all the lender fees in a real estate transaction? Say goodbye to those. AND you'll be able to close deals much quicker, just about as fast as if you had the case of $hundreds piled up in your closet.

Getting Private Money reveals...

Why Private Money in the first place
Your ideal Private Lender
Setting up your hive to pull in a swarm of Private Lender bees
Doing the deal
Your own Document box, no need to waste time on re-inventing

Remember Robert Allen and ‘No Money Down'? Of course you do.

What was going on back then – the early 1980's? Mortgage rates at banks were crazy high – peaking at 18%. Basically, Sellers couldn't sell because banks weren't reasonably lending so wanna-be Buyers couldn't buy.

But back then houses weren't mortgaged up to and beyond 100% of value. Many more people had lots of equity or owned their homes free and clear – it was their savings not their ATM for the past decade. Many Sellers could afford to ‘be the bank' and take monthly payments. No money down was a brilliant bank work-around strategy that worked for investors – THEN.

Sure doesn't work now. Different times, different constraints.

Today the best deals are in upside-down properties – short sales – and foreclosures.
Private Money is a bank work around strategy just as revolutionary today as No Money Down was in the 1980's. The right strategy at the right time.

Getting Private Money

This Course Is Now Instantly Delivered Digitally For Your Convenience.

Start your own revolution with Getting Private Money now and steal away these bonuses as well:

Bonus: Two Free Tickets to the Funding Tour
(Value: $1,995)

Join us at the Nation's only Funding Tour. This will be an incredible 4-day event. Unlike any other seminar you've experienced, the Funding Tour takes you out of the classroom and into real homes and real funding realities.

Not only that, you'll work with real world deals to come up with the best funding package in the room. AND if you want to learn how to be the bank, join us in the Bankers Round Circle and figure out how you would invest a Million Dollars into deals that would pull upwards of 12-15 percent annualized returns.

The Funding Tour will also:

Just wanted to say what a great course this is. It's clear, concise and in plain English. Can't wait to get my first lender using this course.
Jeff Cichocki
Denmark, WI

Bonus: First 10 Can Get the Course Free Rebate
(Value: $997)

We need success stories so the first 10 customers who use the course to do a deal and send us the details will receive a full 100% rebate of the purchase price. Anytime during the first twelve months you can submit the details of a deal you completed using the FCFH materials, along with copies of checks and other items, and we'll send you a check for the purchase price.

Your deal can be a rehab flip, assignment, short sale, REO, whatever…

…this makes this offer a CAN'T LOSE proposition!

Bonus: Private Money 3-Interview Set
(Value: $97)

This expert series includes 3 interviews with seasoned pros – Patrick Riddle, John Burley, Alan Cowgill – in getting Private Money. Each of them specializes in different niches. All of them are swimming in Private Money to fund all the deals they have time to make. All of them agree this is the best environment for building wealth they've ever seen.

Que these interviews up to discover.

Bonus: Buying Real Estate With IRAs CD
(Value: $39.95)

The average retired and retirement-approaching American has just about all their wealth in two places: their house and their retirement account(s) – IRA, 401(k), ect. In 2011 Retirement accounts were valued at $5 Trillion. That's a DEEP pool of money.

A good 97% of those accounts are invested in ‘traditional investments'… stocks, bonds, CDs. Which means most of those accounts haven't performed very well over the last few years. And of course we know home values haven't done so well either.

The result – ‘nest eggs' have been scrambled and folks NEED to generate some upside or contemplate their “Hi, Welcome to Wal Mart” future.

IRA's can invest in Real Estate and so few people know that.

Edwin Kelly was the Director of Business Development for Equity Trust, a premier self-directed IRA custodian. He also has a Real Estate license, a Series 7 license, a Series 62 license and real estate investment experience.

Edwin educates thousands of Real Estate Investors a year on how to set up a self-directed IRA and use it to invest in real estate and other ‘non-traditional' investments.

Edwin will enlighten you on…

Bonus: Using Virtual Assistants CD
(Value: $39.95)

Listen to this CD to learn how to Outsource so things get DONE.

Alan Brymer, Entrepreneurial Award winner, subscribed to one guiding philosophy while still in his college dorm room breaking into an investment career: you can make more money if you don't do everything yourself.

He's been a successful full-time investor since the age of 22. His investment company was named one of the top twenty five companies under five years old by the Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum. He's a frequent guest expert for the media as well as a many times published author.

Alan is Founder and President of the Utah Valley Real Estate Investors Association and creator of The Assistant Who Pays Their Own Salary.

Alan will coach you on…

Bonus: Hard Money Lender List
(Value: $47)

We've got a list of over 30 active hard money lenders and you get it for free.

This is not one of those lists of hundreds where you have to call a hundred different lenders because they're all out of business. These lenders are actively lending right now.

Bonus: Free Shipping and Handling
(Value: $25)

You do not have to worry about the extra cost of shipping and handling, as we've got that covered for you.

Simple Question - Are You Serious About Your Future?

I know you've heard it before. And it sounds like a worn clichè…

This is one of the best times in history to make a fortune in real estate.

The market will return to normal – supply and demand more balanced, financing easier to obtain. And the great high profit deals will be far fewer. In fact, it's very unlikely you'll see a market this ripe with opportunity again in your lifetime.

The smart thing for you to do right now is click the Add To Cart button below. Become a Private Money Pro and seize the day!

Getting Private Money

This Course Is Now Instantly Delivered Digitally For Your Convenience.

100% Ironclad Money Back Guarantee

I"m so confident that you will love this powerful real estate investing information that I"m willing to bear 100% of the risk for the next 30 days. That means that you can get in now plus get all the bonuses RISK FREE and give it a shot for 30 days. If you aren"t happy for any reason simply let us know and I"ll immediately cancel your order and I"ll even let you keep all the bonuses as my way of saying thank you!

Good Investing,

P.S. Don't forget about your awesome bonus items, including two free tickets to the Real Estate Funding Tour. Click the Add to Cart button and get started today.

And if you prefer a payment plan, we have those available for you as well…

I found the Getting Private Money course to be a thorough, comprehensive guide to finding private lenders for real estate deals. The course provided a step by step guide for anyone to follow, from marketing, to presentation to closing. I highly recommend it.
Thomas Bryant
Plano, TX

All This For Only $297 Today
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All This For Only $197 Today
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"The "Getting Private Money" home study course is a must have educational resource if you are a novice investor, or a seasoned real estate investor. This course teaches fundamental to advance techniques in "Getting Private Money", "Buying Real Estate with IRA's", "Using Virtual Assistants" and more, by some of the top leaders in the industry.
I was overwhelmed with the amount of information by the end of the third "GPM" audio CD. The information and concepts are explained in depth and in very easy to understand language. The course contains 12 hours of informative audio, a manual which includes the audio transcripts, hard copies and electronic versions of the sample forms for your use, and an extensive list of resourceful sites to help you develop and grow your real estate investment business. This course delivers on how to create and grow a real estate investing business in today's market.
It covers private money fundamentals to marketing strategies, through closing the deal transactions. If you want to build your business with Private Funding, this course is a must have. In my view, it is truly a comprehensive course and "Getting Private Money" in a box. With insight from a leader in the industry, "Self Directed IRA's" provides you with the knowledge to instruct potential investors on how to use their IRA's. The Virtual Assistants section covers how you can outsource some of your daily tasks. I'm one who always had problems with delegating, so I'm planning to make good use of this service. I've been away from investing for a number of years and I'm very glad you created this course."
Donnell S.
Chalfont, PA

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