Elite Capital Connectors


Elite Capital Connectors

For over 25 yrs. I have been a Self-Entrepreneur in various industries from Construction site work, Luxury Transportation, Retail businesses such as(Convenience Store, Restaurant/Bar.)

My major 3 core values I hold: God, Family and Trust.

Every Client that does business with me, will get to personally meet me, and have access to my personal email and phone, having a connection with my clients is the foundation of my business.

Private Money Lending Services my Clients can expect:

*Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Wholesale

*Logic-Based Loans with focus on the ARV(After Rehab Value), Not on the Borrower.

*Purchase: Minimum Loan Amount= $30,000; Maximum Loan Amount = Your Local FHA Cap.

*Up to 90% financing on Purchase Price and Rehab Costs.

*3-24 months Terms, with Interest Only Payments, 0-5 Points and NO Pre-Payment Penalty.

*Elite Capital (VIP) 100% Financing on Purchase Price/Rehab Cost/Closing Cost.

Certain restrictions apply, call for more details.

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