DBW Private Lending, LLC


DBW Private Lending, LLC

Dan White
Eagle Mountain, UT

We Lend is a private money lender focused on servicing real estate investors by providing quick and low-cost capital on their investment properties. Dan approach to lending is centered around the investor, therefore allowing the investor to focus more on their investment and less on the loan process. We Lend was founded by a group of real estate investors, whose emphasis was on acquiring and improving distressed properties. So, whether or not you are an experienced real estate investor – Dan team has the qualifications to exceed expectations and can assist in the expansion of your real estate portfolio.

Dan White with over a decade in the real estate industry – acquiring, flipping, developing and financing over $100 million worth in real estate – Dan has quickly become a renowned real estate expert, speaker, and guide for many professionals in the industry. The most successful time in Dan’s career was during the 2009 financial crisis; during this time, he bought, fixed, and sold distressed properties, which showed his determination in both bullish and bearish markets. After using private money financing himself, he quickly saw the innovation desperately needed in the private lending space and decided to spearhead it by co-founding We DBW Private Lending, LLC (a private lending platform).

Dan White originally, however, started as a hard-working sixteen year old boy starting in construction field, and to this day still takes that work ethic with him everywhere he goes. He is a graduate of Suffield University. where he earned a BS in Business Management studies.

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