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Efficient Funding Solutions

Dorothy Camp
Mechanicsville, VA 23116

I began real estate investing with my husband in 2018, when we purchased a short sale property. We ended up renting that house to a tenant for 6 years and then sold them the property creating a win-win for both parties. Then we purchased an auction property and did a complete fix-and-flip, able to sell it for a profit 6 months later. Lately we have become Private Money Lenders ourselves, lending money to 3 different real estate investors. While we did make some money on our flips and private money loans, we really enjoyed doing them as a team and are determined to do more.

We used a private money broker to acquire our fix & flip property, and we learned a lot about the whole process and industry. As my client, you will never be ignored and I will help locate funding as quickly and efficiently as possible to help your deals get closed.

I come from a military family, my father and uncles served as well as several of my cousins are currently serving and protecting our freedom.  My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years now, and our 20 year old son is training to be a Master Electrician with the goal of acquiring rental properties using the BRRRR method. We couldn't be more happy that he has also caught the real estate investing bug, and look forward to helping him build his portfolio. When we're not checking out a new deal or managing a renovation, we like to spend our time at the beach, fishing on the lake, or helping out at our church.

If you have a residential or commercial property that you need funding for, please reach out and setup a no-obligation consultation to review your deal. I will work first to understand your needs, then find you the most efficient funding solutions!

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