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Rodney Rodriguez
West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Hello, my name is Rodney Rodriguez and I am with Logro Capital. I'm from the Sunshine State of Florida, and I am a fully trained and certified Private Money Broker. I specialize in residential loans for investment properties but I can also help find funding for commercial properties as well.


I'm also a Navy Veteran with multiple combat tours down range. In that time I've realized three things were most important to be in business, integrity, respect, and honesty. These three core values have allowed me to deliver the best client experience in the nation.


If you want to work with a lender that benefits from your success and treats your deals as if they were our own then please reach out today.


Here is an overview of the typical loan process, you can speed up your timeline by preparing your documents in advance.

  1. Get a property under contract
  2. Run the numbers on the deal to find the Loan-to-Value
  3. Begin the application process
  4. Submit documents to underwriting
  5. Get funded and close on the property!
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