Finding Motivated Seller Leads – DealMachine

DealMachine automates organizing and building your lists of motivated sellers for your real estate wholesale deals. This tutorial reviews step by step how this real estate investing software can be used to scale your wholesaling business as you drive for dollars.

Matt Kamp is Vice-President of Partnerships for DealMachine and on this video he shows you how to use this powerful software to not only find out of stated property owners and vacant properties, but also how to organize all your motivated seller leads in one place and create additional marketing lists.

You can filter your seller leads by area, owner location, type of properties, and so much more. You have to use data and tech to stay competitive today. Your main competitors are using this tool or another tool like it.

Take a few minutes to check out this Deal Machine tutorial demo video above on how to super-charge finding motivated sellers and wholesale properties. DealMachine free trial…

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