8 Tips To Sending Out Successful Direct Mail Campaigns

Tip 1: Know Your Target Audience

– Where are your leads coming from?
– Are they related to what you are advertising?

Tip 2: Test A Small Group First

– Test around 500 postcards/letters and measure results
– Test different lists to measure consistency
– If you need, consult with a campaign design team to increase conversions

Tip 3: Multi-sequence contact always out-pulls single contact

– 3-4 in one month for one campaign
– Follow-up = dollars
– Consistency = higher open rates

Tip 4: Use Catchy Headlines

– Headlines are what get the reader to keep reading
– Tons of free stuff online on how to create catchy headlines
– Answer the “What's In It For Me?” question in first 5 seconds

Tip 5: Build A Collection Of Swipe Files

– No point reinventing the wheel
– After you test multiple pieces, save the ones that do the best
– Continue to do this, and test new ideas
– Soon you will have an archive of VERY valuable marketing ads

Tip 6: Track Your Leads and How Much They Cost

– Sign up page that tracks who lands on the page vs. how many mailers you sent out
– Great way to track stats, open rates, conversion rates, etcs…

Tip 7: Personalize Your Campaigns

– How do you stand out among all other spam mail?
– Pay a third party to hand write addresses
– “chunky” mail – mail with some weight, perceived value

Tip 8: Automate and Convenience

– Good to include phone number (sends to automated phone “tree” line)
– But also include website links, QR Codes,
– Cater to Mobile and Online
– Best way to track and organize your leads

Direct mail is one of the most overlooked yet one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to dramatically increase the leads to your real estate business. Unlike other types of marketing, Direct mail and direct marketing are trackable, inexpensive, and the results are easily measurable. No matter what your business is, lead generation is vital. By applying these basic concepts, and spending just a few hours studying effective direct mail marketing strategies, you will soon see massive growth in your lead generation.

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