Driving For Dollars – Propstream Mobile App

The Propstream mobile app makes driving for dollars to wholesale houses an easy and quick task, whether you are beginner or experienced. This tutorial reviews step by step how this real estate investing software can be used to map out driving routes to drive for dollars and look for abandoned and/or run-down properties when wholesaling real estate properties.

00:00 – Intro to Burton Alicando with Propstream
00:34 – what is Propstream, lead generation
00:57 – Propstream mobile app
02:53 – driving for dollars
03:53 – search land by APN  or PIN number
04:20 – geo locate helps you find where you are
05:51 – property details, can tag property status
07:09 – mobile app pins, tags, sync with desktop app
07:48 – see listing photos if property listed for sale
10:54 – Propstream comps, photos to prove offer
13:31 – print/email property comps report
14:48 – driving for dollars, can get full property info
16:05 – sniper method vs shotgun marketing
16:40 – record driving route, save properties in app
18:27 – set property filters and drive for dollars

This is especially effective for wholesaling houses virtually or locally. You can filter your wholesale real estate by location, timeframe, number of properties, type of properties, and so much more to fine-tune which properties you drive by to check out.

You can search for vacant houses with out of state owners to find motivated sellers with off-market properties and compile your Propstream vacant list. You can then use Propstream skip tracing to find the property owner's contact info.

You have to use data and tech to stay competitive today. Your primary competitors are using this tool or another tool like it. Take a few minutes to check out this Propstream tutorial demo video on how to use their mobile app when driving for dollars. Propstream free trial…

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