Propstream – Running Comps, Finding After-Repaired-Value (ARV)

Running comps with Propstream when wholesaling houses is an easy and quick task whether beginner or experienced. This training demo review shows you step by step how this real estate investing software can be used to find comparables for home sales and determine the after-repaired-value (ARV) for wholesaling real estate.

00:00 – Intro to Burton Alicando with Propstream
00:58 – how to get property details, parcel data
02:46 – comparables and nearby listings
03:39 – criteria for running comps with public records
04:36 – exclude cash sales, want bank-financed properties
05:36 – comps from MLS data, exclude pending
06:26 – After-Repaired-Value (ARV) using MLS and public
09:44 – exclude multi-parcel sales (cash buyers?)
10:39 – property type must match for good comps
12:03 – check property photos for property repairs
12:50 – create property comps report pdf
14:13 – review flip comps based on criteria
16:29 – Propstream free trial

This is especially effective for wholesaling houses virtually or locally. You can filter your wholesale real estate by location, timeframe, number of properties, type of properties, and so much more to fine-tune property values.

You can search for houses with similar characteristics in terms of location, bedrooms, bathrooms, size, type of buyers, etc. You can search the Propstream MLS and/or sold properties in their database. Then you can compile your Propstream comparable houses list to determine ARV of the specific property.

You have to use data and tech to stay competitive today. Your primary competitors are using this tool or another tool like it. Take a few minutes to check out this Propstream tutorial demo video above on how to pull comps to find home values to figure out the property ARV and then sign up for the Propstream free trial below.

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