Setting Up A Lead Nurture Sequence To Stay In Front Of People

Josh Arras, Director of Marketing at REI Blackbook, is back to discuss following up with your leads using tools in REI Blackbook's system.

Josh tells us like it is – people don't focus enough attention on following up with leads that are not quite hot, but promising for the future. The time and energy needed are pretty intense.

Setting up follow-up campaigns, or lead nurture sequences, will cut that pain significantly. Setting them up ahead of time creates a well-oiled machine to do the dirty work for you at scale so that potential relationships don't slip through the cracks. The system will do its thing, and after a while, you'll see the replies come through hot when they're ready.

Josh talks about how building relationships over time is nothing to brush off – its your job to stay in front of people, and building a simple lead nurture sequence makes that easy.

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