A Very Simple IRA / 401(k) Investment Windfall

I recently “missed the forest for the trees” with a few folks.

Kind of dropped the IRA ball (Individual Retirement Account). I also dropped the ball on 401(k)’s as well….

But with IRA/401(k) investing, I'm like the fish who doesn't realize he's surrounded by water.

What I mean is, so many of my investment partners DO use their IRA's/401’s for easy investing and massive tax deferments. It gets so automatic I just “assume” everyone know about it.

But you know what “assuming” can do.

So when even ONE person tells me they don't know about or don't understand how simple it is to use their IRA/401(k) for investing, I realize I've dropped the ball.

I apologize if I haven't made it crystal clear, or if you've recently joined my investors list and missed my most recent IRA/401(k) webinar.

In a nutshell, your IRA or your 401K can be used for protected investing in tons of different venues.

All it takes is filling out 15-minutes of paperwork to turn your ordinary IRA into a “self-directed” turbocharged IRA or 401(k)…it's no-brainer easy.

Of course, I think your BEST, safest, and highest producing investments are multi-family and apartments.

And so do my investment partners and clients.

For instance, many of my investment partners are using their IRA to “own” the Forest Ridge apartments (164 units) which returned 15.9% cash flow in 2012 and increased in value from $6,750,000 to $8,200,000 in a little over two years.

Q & A: The most common question I get about self-directed IRA's/401(k)’s is about making MORE than your yearly minimum on investment returns, and whether that's also tax deferred.

And the answer is YES, YES, YES…a thousand times YES!

The coolest thing: even if you make millions, it's still tax deferred.

So if you are the least bit curious how investors are easily getting involved in investing their IRA / 401(k)’s into great investment properties you can always reach out to me.

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