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Best Ways To Get More Real Estate Leads
by Kent Clothier

Whether you are a real estate agent, investor, or lender, there is one pressing question that you are constantly facing – “how do I get more leads?”

Even if you are already super-successful, you’ve got to have a constant flow of fresh leads. It’s the life of your business, income, and financial future. Check out these smart lead generation tips for keeping the pipeline full, and your accounts flush with cash flowing in…

What Types of Leads Do You Really Want?

The first step in profitable lead generation is to get focused on the types of leads you really want. Generating leads isn’t difficult. However, there can be a big difference in lead types, the labor they require, and how profitable they are. Which are best for you? Which are most profitable to you? Will you try to attract as many leads as cheaply as possible, and then filter out the good ones? Or are you short on time, and are better off with more targeted leads that will lead to higher conversion rates, with less work?

Advertise, Advertise, Advertise

One method is to just blast out that advertising and make a lot of noise. You can join those with big billboards and bench ads, and bandit signs around town. This can be a pivotal and important part of your overall strategy. However, it can often be more of a branding play than a lead generation play. It may help support your social media and direct mail efforts, but may not lead to a lot of inbound calls all by itself. It is also vital to recognize the difference between spending to boost your own ego, and smart business investments. There are many ways to generate business, but only those getting the most from their budgets are going to survive and thrive long term.

Create Your Own Lead Funnels

An alternative to traditional advertising is creating inbound marketing funnels. Taking the DIY approach to this has become very popular. You can use blogs, Twitter, landing pages, re-targeting ads, webinars, and more to attract real estate leads to you. This can be highly profitable. Yet, some real estate professionals are turning this into a giant detour. They are trying to become masters of digital marketing (which can be a full-time job for a whole team of people), instead of focusing on being experts at real estate, or closing deals. You do have to be careful that you focus on your strengths, and the money-making activities, and are not distracted with tasks you should really be delegating.

A smart alternative here may be to hire some experts in this area, and have them set up smart funnels that will deliver the leads. Then you just stay busy engaging with, and closing those deals. Imagine how much more you could do, if all you had to do was speak with eager buyers six hours a day.

Acquire Existing Lists

While branding, real estate blogging, and local networking can all be parts of a smart and comprehensive business plan, many may simply be better off tapping into existing real estate lead lists and databases. You can cut through an enormous amount of time, expense, and guess work, by just acquiring access to big lists of cash buyers, motivated sellers, and investors. The information is there. You just need to get your hands on it, and then call, email, or mail them, and close those deals.

Lead Management

We can’t talk about generating real estate leads without talking about smart lead management. It doesn’t matter if you stack up thousands of inbound calls from qualified buyers, if you drop the ball on closing them. Make sure you have a system of instantly engaging those inquiries, following up, and continuing to nurture relationships and opportunities.

Test, Refine, Repeat

You may not know all the answers to the above yet. That’s okay. Get going. Test it out, tweak it and optimize your campaigns and results, then repeat and grow. Scale the things that work.

Kent Clothier
Kent Clothier experienced the trials and tribulations of building businesses across several industries has taught Kent the value of having the right mindset and principles in place to achieve your ultimate success.

Kent Clothier achieved corporate success at an early age, rising up the corporate ladder of one of the largest grocery distribution companies in the country. In 1987 Kent began helping his father run a trading company in the grocery distribution and supply industry. By the age of 23 Kent took over the day to day sales and operations of the company and in turn, the company grew to annual sales of over $80 million. Kent ultimately oversaw the sale of the company to a Boca Raton based competitor and quickly rose through the ranks of the larger organization. By 2000, Kent was the Executive Director of Sales and Market for the organization, now doing in excess of $2 billion in annual sales and a company that had grown into the 7th largest privately held company in Florida.

Although he had owned a few rental properties for several years, in 2000 Kent started his new venture with very little previous real estate experience. Like many others, Kent was overwhelmed with the lack of quality information in the market to help a real estate professional to grow their business. With so much garbage material in the industry, Kent found it difficult to navigate between fact and fiction. He decided that the only way to distinguish between the two was to get involved and to learn some things along the way.

Kent started his real estate career by looking to wholesale a few houses each month to create a "nice" living. However, this soon evolved into a much larger real estate organization. Kent and his family now run a company that has quickly evolved into a team that has become one of the premiere real estate investment organizations in the country.

By daring to dream big, taking calculated risks, and a willingness to step out, Kent, his family, and their partners have built an organization that stands out in real estate today:

• Wholesaling over 2000 houses since 2003, 500 in 2017, and current plans for over 600 in 2018
• Through this company, now operates one of the largest property management companies in Tennessee with over 700 properties under management
• President and CEO , Real Estate Worldwide
• Their family now owns over 150 rental properties
• Their family now owns 7 commercial buildings in Memphis, Tennessee
• Owns and overseeing 24 unit condo conversion in Memphis, Tennessee
• Founding member of Mid-South REIA with over 350 members

Kent Clothier, along the way, perfected marketing techniques and strategies using 1-800-SELL-NOW that helped to drive truly motivated sellers to the organization and was the single biggest reason for his real estate success.

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