Emily Hay

Setting Up A Legal Structure For Your Investing Business
by Emily Hay

Here's my 7 Step Process to Setting Up a Legal Structure for Your Real Estate Investing Business...(It's secretly simple!)

When I first began learning about real estate investing, I thought for certain I was "putting the cart before the horse" by setting up a corporate structure for my company when I had no revenue or company assets to protect at the time. I quickly learned (from Jeff Watson; an expert short-sale lawyer and resource of mine), that you really can't do this step too early in your real estate business or in any business venture of your own for that matter. If you are working hard to get it - work hard to protect it!

The main reason for initially setting up a business structure is to set clear parameters that you and your business are operating as two separate entities in the eyes of the IRS. There are many entity structures to choose from (since I am not an attorney nor an accountant, I can't professionally advise); but I can tell you that I personally set up an LLC.

The 2 Greatest Pieces Of Information I Discovered When I Wanted To Set Up My LLC Was That:

1) You do not need an attorney to do this

2) It does not cost a ton of money or time

These steps today are customized for people wanting to incorporate in the State of Michigan; however, other states have similar processes and you can use these steps as a guideline. I recommend you start with your state's Secretary of State website since you can usually find quick links to "starting a business". Even quicker, simply Google "incorporating in (name of your state)" to start.

Here Are The 7 Simple Steps To Get A Legal Structure Set Up For Your Real Estate Investing Business In The State Of Michigan:

1.) Verify Business Name is Available:
Go to the State of Michigan's Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth (DELEG) website and search the Corporation Division Name Division to be sure your desired business name is not currently being used:

2.) Download Forms:
Go to this link on the State of MI DELEG website and download the following forms:

  • Form 900 - Mich ELF Cover Sheet

  • Form 901 - Mich ELF Application

  • Form 700 - Articles of Organization

    3.) Pay Registration Fee:
    Use form 901 - a one page fax-sheet used to get your credit card on file with the state so you can pay for the $50 LLC registration fee via credit card (I opted to do this because I didn't want to mail payment via a check, which obviously takes longer). This fee can vary widely by state of course.

    4.) Verification:
    You will know that your credit card is correctly on file with the State because they will fax you back a form with your "new assigned Mich-ELF Filer Number".

    5.) Complete Articles of Organization:
    Complete form 700 - the Articles of Organization. This is where you write in the desired name of your LLC, the address, and name yourself as the registered agent.

    6.) Fax Articles of Organization:
    Fax the completed form 700 to the State of MI (the # to fax to is on the document); and use form 900 as a cover sheet. You must use form 900 as a cover sheet because that is where you will include that new Mich-ELF Filer Number the State assigned you and this will bill the credit card associated with that ELF number for the processing of your LLC.

    7.) Confirm Status:
    In my experience, within 24 hours, you can confirm the status of your LLC by going to: http://www.dleg.state.mi.us/bcs_corp/sr_corp.asp. Type in your entity name to see the filing status, or you can always call the State office to be sure your request has been processed.

    Once completed, CONGRATS! You have taken the first steps to setting up a legal structure for your business!

  • Emily Hay
    Emily Hay is a person with a passion for real estate investing. She firmly believes that long-term real estate investing success requires developed skill and defined action plans, rather than a haphazard approach that results in quick profits. Being on the newer end of the real estate investing spectrum, she is diligently working to build her real estate investing business the right way from the start.

    Emily is also a strong proponent of social media for real estate professionals and entrepreneurs. She believes that a social media presence backed by a clear strategy can be an effective means to market, network and to build a brand.

    Emily A. Hay is 27 years old, was raised near Cleveland, Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University with a marketing degree. She has held several sales positions including Account Executive, selling office equipment at IKON Office Solutions. The B2B sales environment gave her what she considers to be the greatest sales boot camp training one could have.

    Extensive reading and research, coupled with working in a small business environment, cemented her belief that real estate investing would give her the opportunity to create the business and life she wants.

    Emily Hay currently resides near Detroit, Michigan and focuses her investing in the southeast Michigan area.

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