Wholesalers Are a Huge Untapped Opportunity for Realtors—If You Know How to Work with Them, by Matthew Bell

Wholesalers Are a Huge Untapped Opportunity for Realtors—If You Know How to Work with Them

Real estate agents regularly collaborate with various professionals in the industry to provide an exceptional home buying and selling experience for their clients. One of the critical relationships that can significantly benefit you, as a Realtor, is with real estate wholesalers.

But what exactly is wholesaling? And how can real estate agents effectively collaborate with wholesalers?

I wrote this article to explain the essentials of real estate wholesaling and offer valuable insights and tips for Realtors in establishing and nurturing a successful partnership with wholesalers to help you serve your clients more effectively, become more resilient to market changes, and earn more money.

Understanding real estate wholesaling

At its core, real estate wholesaling is a strategy where an investor, commonly referred to as a wholesaler, identifies properties that can be acquired below market value, secures a purchase contract, and then sells or assigns that contract to another buyer or investor.

Wholesalers often concentrate on distressed properties or homes in need of repair, providing opportunities for investors to purchase properties at a lower cost. These investors can then make the necessary improvements and subsequently sell or rent the property for a profit.

Realtors who take the time to understand this investment strategy, and the mindset that drive wholesalers, can benefit from building and nurturing relationships with them, opening new avenues for growth. By learning the intricacies of wholesaling, agents can more effectively communicate with wholesalers and better serve their clients.

The benefits of working with wholesalers

There are numerous advantages for real estate agents who choose to work with wholesalers. One of the most significant is the opportunity to expand their professional network, leading to more opportunities, referrals, and revenue.

In addition, wholesalers often have access to off-market properties that are not publicly listed yet, and on the other side of the relationship, you may have listings that are a good fit for some of the wholesalers in your network. By partnering with wholesalers, Realtors can present their buyers with unique property options that other agents don't have access to, and can bring a different type of buyer to the table—again, one that other agents don't have access to, giving you a unique edge in competitive markets. In fact, one of the key reasons I maintain a network of wholesalers for my own business, Apollo Property Group, is because it gives me access to opportunities I would otherwise have missed. That's a huge benefit to me because of the sheer volume of properties I work to acquire each year—typically in the range of several hundred.

Plus, transactions involving wholesalers can often be finalized more quickly than traditional sales. Wholesalers typically work with cash buyers or investors who have financing already arranged, which can expedite the closing process. This means faster results for your clients and more income for you.

What Realtors NEED to know about the risks

Before getting into a relationship with a wholesaler, real estate agents must consider several crucial factors.

First, it's essential to work with a wholesaler who has a proven track record and a solid reputation in the industry. By thoroughly vetting them, you can ensure they are collaborating with a reliable and trustworthy wholesaler. This is critical because many wholesalers are inexperienced and unable to actually complete the transaction, which can lead to serious problems for both you and your clients.

Another critical aspect for real estate agents to consider is legal compliance. Wholesaling laws and regulations vary by location, so it's essential for agents to familiarize themselves with the rules governing wholesaling in their area. This knowledge can help prevent potential legal issues and ensure a smooth and successful partnership.

Tips for successful collaboration

Building a successful relationship with wholesalers requires careful consideration and a proactive approach.

One essential aspect is establishing trust. Agents should focus on open communication and mutual respect to create a solid foundation for their collaboration. Demonstrating reliability and professionalism can help cultivate trust between both parties, and leading to better communications and a more profitable relationship.

Being prepared is another critical factor in successful collaboration. Real estate agents should strive to understand their clients' needs and be ready to act quickly when opportunities arise. This preparedness enables agents to capitalize on the unique property options that wholesalers can provide and better serve their clients. Part of being prepared includes staying informed on market trends is also crucial for Realtors. Agents should make an effort to stay up-to-date on buying and selling trends, changes in laws, lending criterial, and anything else that could impact real estate transactions in your areas. It's important to look at this from both a retail and investing perspective, because that gives you far more insight, leading to more options for your clients.

And it's important to remember that a successful collaboration with a wholesaler isn't based on a single transaction. Agents should be proactive in nurturing the relationship to ensure its longevity and continued success. That means regular communication with the wholesaler, discussing market trends, and sharing insights into clients' needs, making introductions, sharing opportunities, etc. This demonstrates your commitment to the wholesaler and mutual success, leading to greater trust and a stronger working relationship, ultimately benefiting everyone involved.


Working with real estate wholesalers can be a valuable opportunity for Realtors, offering access to off-market properties, faster transactions, and an expanded professional network that leads to more opportunities. By taking the time to understand the intricacies of wholesaling, ensuring legal compliance, and actively fostering a successful collaboration, agents can provide an even better experience for their clients and grow their businesses. This is a classic win/win scenario, and a powerful strategy, especially as we enter into more challenging market conditions where agents need every advantage they can create.

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