Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell

Matthew Bell got into real estate when he saw it was an opportunity to serve others while doing something both challenging and rewarding. Soon after, he realized that there were a lot of people in the industry who were self-serving and unqualified, and that was hurting the very people the industry was supposed to serve, so he set out on a mission to change that. That’s when his company, The Apollo Property Group was born. Since then, the company has purchased thousands of properties, many from homeowners who had unexpectedly become unable to afford their mortgages. Now Apollo Property Group provides struggling homeowners much needed relief and a fresh start, makes high quality homes available to renters, and offers an investing opportunity for others through the company’s fund.

    Matthew Bell's Articles

    • Silver Tsunami

      How Will the Silver Tsunami Transform Our World?

      The landscape of demographics is undergoing a profound transformation as the baby boomer generation approaches retirement age, a phenomenon often referred to as the “Silver Tsunami.” According to the 2020 census, one in six individuals in the United States was 65 or older. From 2010 to 2020, the aging population experienced its most rapid growth in over a century, expanding nearly five times faster than the total population, as reported by data from With the older demographic accounting for a remarkable 16.8% of the U.S. population, or 55.8 million people in 2020, significant shifts await the real estate and…

    • CBRE's Revenue and Cash Flow Decline in Q1

      CBRE’s Revenue and Cash Flow Decline in Q1: What Lies Ahead for the Real Estate Giant

      CBRE Group, Inc., a global leader in the commercial real estate services industry, experienced a significant decline in its revenues and cash flow in the first quarter of 2023. The company’s performance, as reported by Commercial Observer, has sparked conversations about the underlying reasons for these setbacks and the potential impact on the real estate market as a whole. In this article, we will explore the specifics of CBRE’s financial situation, investigate the possible causes of these declines, and assess the implications for the commercial real estate sector. We will also discuss the measures that CBRE may take to overcome…

    • Wholesalers Are a Huge Untapped Opportunity for Realtors—If You Know How to Work with Them, by Matthew Bell

      Wholesalers Are a Huge Untapped Opportunity for Realtors—If You Know How to Work with Them

      Real estate agents regularly collaborate with various professionals in the industry to provide an exceptional home buying and selling experience for their clients. One of the critical relationships that can significantly benefit you, as a Realtor, is with real estate wholesalers. But what exactly is wholesaling? And how can real estate agents effectively collaborate with wholesalers? I wrote this article to explain the essentials of real estate wholesaling and offer valuable insights and tips for Realtors in establishing and nurturing a successful partnership with wholesalers to help you serve your clients more effectively, become more resilient to market changes, and…

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