Joe McCall

As a former Civil Engineer responsible for the design and construction of power plants all across the country, Joe McCall's super power lies in his ability to simplify complex business processes and problems. A business owner and real estate investor for more than 14 years, Joe is a master at building “niche within a niche” businesses, using technology as the foundation for customer acquisition, sales and deliverability. Joe is an expert at flipping properties remotely. Joe only works a few hours a week on the “real estate deal” side of his business, while his virtual team consistently flips several deals a month. In the last several years, Joe has built his business in a way that has allowed him to spend months at a time traveling the world to places like Prague, Czech Republic, and 3 months traveling the northwestern part of the US in an RV, with his wife and four kids. While he traveled, he was still able to flip deals in 4 different markets – all remotely – all with very little of his involvement. Joe has been hosting the popular “Real Estate Investing Mastery” podcast for almost 10 years, and has over 5 million downloads, with listeners in over 165 different countries.

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