The Dark Side of Real Estate Investing

Tony Javier almost stayed in school and kept waiting tables when his mom warned him about the downside of investing in real estate. Good thing he didn't listen!

Instead, he “paused” his college career just a semester short of graduation and got started in real estate. He used the good ol' fashioned BRRRR method to pick up 10 rental houses in his first 2 years and never looked back.

One night at a poker game he met someone who was using TV ads to market his business and wondered if it would work to generate motivated seller leads. After a little tweaking and testing, Tony found that it worked like gangbusters even in so called “saturated” and “ultra-competitive” markets with hundreds or thousands of investors sending direct mail, cold calling, and plastering bandit signs everywhere in sight.

After proving his concept, he packaged what worked best and rolled it out as 10X TV, a done-for-you TV media service that helps real estate investors all across the country advertise on their local TV stations.

Check out the interview I did with Tony to hear about the pros and cons of real estate investing (spoiler alert: the pros outweigh the cons) and how TV advertising compares to direct mail and other marketing methods.

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