Red Flags & Real Estate Scams

When Dean Rogers signed with the San Diego Chargers, he was living his actual dream. But after just a few practices, he realized the toll the game was taking on his body & brain. Thinking hard about his situation, Dean realized he couldn't sacrifice his life to play football. So he retired from the NFL and got a corporate job. Going from the NFL salary to an entry-level corporate salary was shocking. So Dean quit again. But this time he was becoming a real estate wholesaler.

Dean got off to a great start, then got into flipping houses and was seeing some success. Then he got pitched “the deal of a lifetime”…

Long story short, Dean ignored a few red flags 🚩 and ended up getting scammed by a straight-up con-man. To learn the $180,000 lesson that Dean learned, watch or listen to my interview with him.

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