The DealMachine team knows a lot about Real Estate Investing and Technology. That's probably why their 2 software solutions are regarded as some of the best out there. Their mobile app is the highest rated driving for dollars app on Google Play and the Apple App Store. The mobile app streamlines the process of discovering distressed properties, recruiting & training bird dogs, and managing everything related driving for dollars.

Their web-based application is also a game changer when it comes to CRM (client relationship management) software. It allows you to pull in and manage thousands of leads, filter & cross-reference them to other lists, skip trace owners, or start direct mail campaigns.

To see how DealMachine can help you find, manage, and convert more motivated seller leads, watch the videos below. To get your free trial and a free $15 credit click the button below and use the promo code “REICLUB”.

DealMachine Videos

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