The 10 Commandments Of Successful Real Estate Investing: #10

Jason Hartman brings the FINALE of the 10 Commandments Of Successful Investing! His cohost for this episode is Coco.

Thou Shalt Invest Only In Tax-Favored Assets

Though taxes are boring, they're important to discuss as they are the single largest expense in people's lives.

Jason reminds us that over your lifetime, you will give away 30-50% of your income. We are all paying a lot of money in tax – so wouldn't it make sense to invest in the most tax-favored asset class in America?! Income properties!

Income property has a magical tax benefit called depreciation, or a “phantom write-off,” or a non-cash write-off. 

Jason goes into depth about depreciation and what this means for real estate investors, The Hartman Risk Evaluator, the LTI ratio, and more. 

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