The 10 Commandments Of Successful Real Estate Investing: #3

Jason Hartman is back with his series, The 10 Commandments Of Successful Real Estate Investing. This video outlines #3, and according to Jason's experience is the most relatable core teaching yet.

#3: Thou Shalt Maintain Control

Jason recommends that we are all DIRECT investors – meaning we control what we invest in vs. giving our money to a financial advisors or institutions.

Regardless of asset class, the key is to maintain control. In real estate, you need to be in control of what to buy, where to buy, when to buy, how to finance, when to sell…you're not a direct investor.

Jason explains three problems that happen when you relinquish control:

  1. Dishonesty: You might be investing with a crook 
  2. Incompetence: You might be investing with an idiot
  3. Fees: People take a giant management fee off the top

Jason colors the three issues above through anecdotes and insights from a book recommendation. You want to protect yourself from being ripped off – so do not violate Commandment #3. Stay tuned for the 4th commandment!


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