The 10 Commandments Of Successful Real Estate Investing: #9

Jason Hartman is bringing it home with the second to last video in his 10 Commandments of Successful Real Estate Investing Series!

Thou Shalt Only Invest Where There Is Universal Need

People all have 3 common needs: food, clothing and shelter….so, let them rent that shelter from you! When we are landlords, we are offering a fundamental universally needed commodity. Everybody needs a home. Not everybody needs an office (especially nowadays with the work from home culture).

Jason discusses how demand has lessoned for industrial property real estate due to outsourcing to China. Combine that with the “retail apocalypse” aka outsourcing to the internet started by Amazon (and furthered by the pandemic)… and that leaves residential real estate.

At the end of the day, everybody needs a house! It is the ultimate commodity and historically proven asset class, assembled in the form of a house sitting on a piece of land.


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