A $200k lesson in Real Estate Investing

Like so many Real Estate moguls, Eric Brewer got his start in a completely different industry. After serving in the Army, he transitioned to civilian life quickly by taking an entry level job as a Lot Porter at the local car dealership.

But his work ethic quickly earned him a promotion to Assistant Service Manager and eventually Service Manager. Then on June 17th he took a job as Salesman, and in just 13 days he sold 21 cars and was named Salesman of the Month. This quickly led to more promotions to Finance Manager, Sales Manager, and eventually General Manager.

As he shifted through the gears in the car industry, Eric felt torn between being a good father and being a good car guy. The dealership was open on nights, weekends, and holidays which meant there wasn't a lot of time left for his family.


Eric teamed up with his best friend and started flipping houses in 2006. (They actually had massive success during the Great Recession!) But after stacking up some wins, Eric had to pay his tuition to the School of Real Estate Screw-Ups.

Almost a quarter of a million bucks later, Eric learned some painful lessons but at least he built the nicest porch in Pennsylvania!

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