How NOT to tell your wife you quit your job

Do you dread the sound of your alarm clock? Do you hate waking up and going to your job? Even if you're making 6-figures you can still be a multi-miserable-aire. That's what Brian & Lynette slowly realized, THEY HATED THEIR JOBS.

Deep inside Brian felt he was making good money, but had no freedom. Lynette was the top sales rep in her company, but she felt like she was missing her childrens’ childhood. Working late nights, weekends, and holidays took its toll on both of them. From the outside looking in The Wolffs WERE the Joneses, and they were successful by every measure. Except the most important one, happiness.

So Brian started studying real estate investing, but Lynette wasn’t convinced. So how do you deal with a spouse who isn’t fully on board with your new plan?

Brian thought he’d just wake up and quit his job without telling her… How well do you think that went over with Lynette? 🤔

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