Raising Private Money for Apartment Investing

There will come a point in your real estate career when you can’t make any more progress until you crack open the private money vault, and Corey Peterson from Kahuna Wealth Builders is going to give you the combination to the safe. If you learn how to make money grow, investors will start chasing you down to get a piece of your returns, so Corey lays out how to build a reputation as a sterling investor.

If you’re sitting on the fence about raising private money because you don’t know anyone with extra cash, Corey wants you to set aside that limiting belief. Your goal is to just tell your story and the right people will always self-select into your investments. You don’t even have to ask them for money. The magic phrase is, “Do you know anyone who’d be interested in investing in this deal with me?”.

Your credibility as a new investor is something that you’ll have to prove, but you have a few options to help build that up. The first and easiest is to make friends at the local REA and borrow the credibility of your new friends who’ll vouch for you. Creating a credibility kit and a private money program are Corey’s favorite way to build authority. He has some resources for you to check out to help you get started on them.

As you’re learning how to raise money and educating yourself, there is nothing wrong with looking around at the industry leaders to see how they’re doing it. In fact, Corey encourages you to copy ideas you see that are working well for others. As you’re learning, you can turn around and educate others. It’ll help you build that authority and credibility that is so important in raising private money.

You have one shot to get it right with a new investor. Don’t ever forget that. You can’t put yourself in front of the capital because if you lose the trust of your investors, then you’re toast. But if you treat your investors right, you’ll always have a consistent, steady supply of private money for your real estate portfolio.

What’s Inside:

  • All of the places you can go fishing for capital.
  • Why it’s important to under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Why he calls himself “an alternative to the stock market”.
  • Be helpful and educate because the more you educate, the more you’ll learn yourself.

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