How Rich People Cheat (You Should Too)

Ryan grew up in a typical blue-collar family and got off to a rocky start in life when he dropped out of high school. By the time he got back on track he was 23 and felt like he was so far behind and needed to play catch-up.

So he got into a corporate job with the goal of working hard and providing for his family. He was so excited to get his first paycheck but when he opened it up he was surprised.

Taxes. Insurance. More taxes.

His heart dropped. How was he going to provide the best life for his family with someone skimming off the top of every paycheck he earned?

That's when he started searching for a better way, and the first person he turned to was an old college friend who showed him the ropes of real estate investing. But he learned something even more important from that friend, how the rich play the game of life by a different set of rules.

Watch or listen below to learn how they “cheat” the game and almost guarantee that they win.

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