Tips For Working With Family In Real Estate

If you’re looking to work with family, it can be an incredible opportunity. It can also be an emotional nightmare if family problems boil over into the workplace. Yet Gene Guarino has seen all four of his adult children join him in his assisted living real estate business, and he absolutely loves it. In our conversation today, he talks about how to structure a family-oriented business, and he discusses how his business is preparing for the aging Boomer Generation.

I have this vision of bringing my wife and children into the family real estate business too, but I know that kids are less likely to listen to their parents over someone outside the family. Gene has consciously created a family business that recognizes the two different hats he wears as both the father and the boss. He gives ideas on:

  • How they train as a team, while also making time for family-building activities.
  • Figuring out the most essential roles and who the experts are in the family.
  • Why you need more structure as you integrate family relationships into a business.

You don’t know how capable your team is until you push them. It’s entirely possible that one team member is bored and operating at 30% and you just don’t know it. He calls this his “burp the baby” philosophy as he stress tests team members out to see just how much work they can handle.

Are you nervous about talking to private investors? Gene is a Pitch Masters expert with decades of experience. He’s raised over $50 million in private money, and he is a true master of his craft. If you’re looking to raise money, check out Gene’s website for more advice. You won’t be disappointed.

What's Inside:

  • One of the miracles of having a great team is how quickly you can execute an idea because you’ve got the right people in the right places.
  • Because no one can ever truly spend $100 billion, Gene gives back to his community in a variety of boards and companies.
  • What attracts family to come and work with you?

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