Two Way Terms – Creative Finance for Sellers & Buyers

The Godfather of modern Real Estate Investing sits down with me to talk about how his system for buying & selling on terms (Seller Financing, Lease Options, and Subject To) is changing the game. His strategy will get you out of the rat race for ugly houses in bad neighborhoods, and into doing cosmetic repairs (if any) on pretty houses in great neighborhoods. This makes it easier to find buyers, minimizes your capital gains tax exposure, and allows you to write off depreciation while also capturing appreciation on your properties.

He also touches on the use of Land Trusts (Revocable Guarantor Trusts) which offer stronger asset protection than just an LLC.

What We Cover:

  • How buying & selling on terms maximizes profit and minimizes risk
  • Tax implications of lease options over seller financing
  • Avoiding ugly houses and investing in pretty houses
  • What local markets are easiest to invest in
  • How Land Trusts work for real estate investors
  • Dealing with trespassers using a 5 gallon bucket

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