Funding Tour

Simply join Lou Brown for this exclusive ONE-TIME, special masterclass as he reveals the untapped sources of income hiding in the properties you own and shares with you the simple secrets to generating more income without doing more work. True wealth comes to those who buy and hold property long-term, and Lou will reveal the smart and easy techniques he’s developed over 40 years to help you do everything more easily, effectively, and profitably. Hidden Profit Centers most investors have no clue about. The secret to selecting GREAT residents for long-term occupancy. The Application process – What’s Important and What’s…

Cash Flow Class

Passive Income: Equity comes and goes, but you’ll be fine if as long as the cash flows. Learn how to make the most cashflow for your bucks. Using Debt Wisely: Using OPM (Other People’s Money) is one of the biggest levers in creating wealth, but you need to do it correctly. Short & Mid-Term Rentals: Don’t miss out on learning the advanced strategies for increasing your rent 10x or more. Speakers: Lee Arnold Real Estate Investor Brian & Lynette Wolff The Cashflow Couple

Lee’s Inner Circle

See Lee’s Operation: Everyone can talk about how to setup a real estate investing business, Lee will show you behind the scenes of his. Learn Lee’s Tactics: Lessons that Lee has learned over his 30 years in Real Estate will get you on the fast track to success. Watch Lee in Action: Lee’s team is his greatest asset, watch how he manages his team to their peak performance. Use Lee’s Money: Get access to 100% financing for your deals (that qualify) through Lee’s private lending company, Cogo Capital. Speakers: Lee Arnold Real Estate Mogul

Paper Broker Workshop

Mortgage Investing: Just like buying an existing house is a faster path to profit than new construction, investing in existing loans is a much simpler process that cashflows almost instantly. The Surplus of Paper: With interest rates spiking a huge number seller financed notes are being created. This is the wave that mortgage investing will be riding on for years to come. No Red Tape: Mortgage origination requires a lot of education and licensing. Being a Paper Broker requires no licensing because we’re dealing with lenders and investors, NOT the borrower. Big Bank Secret: Banks have been doing this for…

Private Money Broker Certification

Attracting Borrowers: When your clients NEED your services to make money, there is no “hard sell” required. Vetting Lenders: Working with established lenders or finding your own lenders who you may already know. No Licenses Needed: Private money lending is a multi-billion dollar industry that anyone can capitalize on. Loan Underwriting 101: Learn what a REAL deal in real estate looks like. Run the numbers like a pro. Speakers: Lee Arnold Private Lending Expert Gary Myers VP of Cogo Capital

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