I Buy Cheap Houses, Get 0% Special Rehab Financing

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I hope you enjoyed my Real Estate Investment Rental Success Story Video.

I've developed a real estate investment strategy in the the Washington, DC/Virgina area that works for me. I focus solely on houses that are under $30K. That magic number, in my book helps me insure that I lock in profits for a either a flip deal, rehab investment project or long-term positive cash flow rental property.

I hope you watch my real estate investing success video to learn how I handle repairs using none of my own cash. I explain how I utilize various Lines of Credits – think Home Depot – with Home Improvement type stores and Contractors that offer in house same as cash zero financing lines of credit financing to get my rehab investments and rental projects completed.

One thing to note, I've been burned before by shady or inexperienced contractors and as a result I do not let price be the driving force in my strategic rehabbing decisions. But you will learn in the video that even dealing with reputable, experienced contractors can pose some risks as well. In my real estate investment success video I share why it's so important to have a contract with a time table that has enforceable penalties.

Lisa Phillips
Washington, DC

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I Buy Cheap Houses, Get 0% Special Rehab Financing

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