It Pays Not to Give Up!

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I started marketing to attorneys in May of this year and had 77 different attorney's to send postcards to. I thought I would have someone call me pretty quick just by the numbers. Long story short I did not get a call until July, 3 full mailings later. An attorney called me and had a house that he was the executor of an estate on and he did not know what to do with it. It was a small two bedroom that was pretty run down and I was not fond of the area so I offered him $10K. He called me back immediately and accepted saying he was just glad to be rid of the home! Called 3 investor buddies that like the area for landlording purposes and offered it to all of them. Second one agreed to buy it for $15K. $5000 profit for only 35 minutes worth of work!

Just sold another on a rehab for $33,500 profit in same week! I love this game!

Rich Lohman

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It Pays Not to Give Up!

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