Its that simple

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I got started in Investing 10 years ago as of 2005 with no credit no money and no help. I started as a loan officer when one day I got a phone call for a man looking to borrow less then 50% of his homes value I told him no problem with a Loan to value of 50%, He then informed me that he needed the money by four O'clock. Anyway long story short I got the money at 3:45! From a HML and right then and there I knew this is what I wanted to do! I raised my credit and bought some houses o.k. 5 of the. It was just my initials and started investing full time as I had a ton of follower's here . I made money off of flipping properties then taking ownership of them in a trust.

After a few years of learning the system I know own over 80 rentals and have a cash flow of at least 25k per month just off of my rentals that is not including the flips the book and all the other creative things I get paid on this really is a simple thing to do just do it!

Robert Ostrander

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Its that simple

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