Long Process Was the Title

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Riding around a neighborhood close to where I work and saw a small “FOR SALE BY OWNER” sign in the window and 2 people were outside. Stopped and ask what they were selling for and they had inherited the house from relatives and got to talking about what they wanted for it and we went back and forth with offer/counteroffer for about 2 weeks and actually got the house at about %50 percent of its value.

I was thinking this would be a quick transaction, took everything to the lawyer and it came back with 7 liens on it. The lawyer has spent 4 weeks tracking these liens down and it looks as though he may have them resolved next week and we'll be able to close. 4 people own the house and 7 past liens were on it. I thought this would be a week process and it has taken over a month and half. But success is just around the corner…

Corey Allen

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Long Process Was the Title

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