Mom, I Am A Millionaire Now!

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My name is Wallace Hobbs from Horsham PA. I spent 16 years in the Army until my accident and had to leave about 2 years ago. I could not work and didn't know what to do to pay bills.

Well I watched a lot of TV and infomercials and kept seeing a lot of Real Estate Courses that said I could get rich. So I borrowed the money and bought Carlton Sheets programs. I was soooooo excited and dove in and followed all the steps and nothing seemed to work and I had no one to turn to for support.

So I then saw Robert Allens, “NO MONEY DOWN”, so I thought GREAT, different guy, different program, different results. NOPE. same results, I spent a LOT of money on his programs and no support.

Next was Dean Graziosi, same outcome. I started feeling stupid. Why could all those folks on TV make money in Real Estate and I could not! So far I was thousands in Debt and no properties.

I then got a card in the mail for DR. A. D. Kessler's book, and I bought his 10 week on-line course (One Hour a WeeK) and flew out to CA for a ONE day class that cost me $10,000. A lot of great information, (Like hitting me with a Fire Hose) but no one to support me and answer questions when I needed it. Took them 2 or 3 days to e-mail me back or I got voice mail all the time or they told me to talk to a lawer.

Anyway I just about gave up until I read an AD in the paper that read..
Unique Opportunity to Earn Income While you Learn to Invest in Real Estate, Call 1-800-XXX-XXXX. I figured why not! So I called and they got back to me and told me this was an opportunity to Earn and Learn at the same time.

They gave me a wealth of information to review on their Marketing Plan and Education and Full Time support they offer.

Well that was in August of 2004. I now own a total of 6 homes, and I am worth $1,200,000.00 and have a positive cash flow from my properties and Earn $10,000 to $20,000 EXTRA a month by marketing these products. I will say it is not right for everyone, but hey, I had no experience at all and now look at me. Mom, I am a Millionarie now.

I really enjoy life and the time I can share with my family. I thank god I found this Network and company.

I wish everyone success in their Future.

Wallace Hobbs
Philadelphia, PA

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Mom, I Am A Millionaire Now!

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