My Very First Deal With No Help

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Hi – I have wanted to be an investor forever. Twenty years ago I tried, bought my house, then a HUD owned house. After that no one would give me money. Boy, have things changed.

In Feb 2004 I found a little STUDIO apartment in a Hot area of Jupiter, Florida (ABACOA). I just knew the $80,000 price was good. Well, it turned out to be $77,000, and a condo conversion. I discovered that it was a bunch of Rentals and they were switching to condos and selling each one. I waited to close, and waited, and waited. Finally everything was ready with the seller and we had a closing on July 1st.

I just figured I didn't have any payments yet, but was worried about the interest rate going up. In the mean time, I started going to seminars. So, I just pulled a SWAG (simply Wild A__ Guess) from the air and offered it up on a lease option. I had lots of interest and got a contract about 60 days later when my first payment was due. Many were investors and knew of the sale, but didn't go. Anyway, I contracted for $6,000 down Non-Refundable deposit, a positive cash flow of $125 in rent, and he wouldn't buy before July 1, 2005 so that I could save the Short Term capital gains tax. I even got 50 movie tickets and HUNDREDS of dollars in restaurant and golf coupons from my original seller.

I explain all of this so that other investors realize that there is hidden money here. I also still own the condo and have expense write-offs on my taxes. Soon I hope to get better financing from private money. Oh yes – I hoped my buyer didn't take me up on the deal, but sadly he did, we are closing July 1st. The value is now $150,000 or more and I happily only got $130,000, with no closing costs or commissions, which my buyer is paying.

Now I am mastering several things including buying houses – through much studying also becoming a Foreclosure Consultant to help my community. Saving homeowners, keeping banks happy and improving the area.

That's my story! I hope it tells you that even a novice can make money! Please, spend the money on your education – this one will bring you 100% return. How many college grads do you know who invested tons of time and money only to work in a lower paying job?

Happy Hunting,

Rose Quaranta

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My Very First Deal With No Help

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