On Fire for Life & Real Estate After Stroke

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First off I am a stroke survivor. 4 years ago this past May, I had a stroke that landed me in the nursing home for about 4 months. I was unable to walk, talk, and quite a bit of other things as well. I had a very successful plumbing business that I had to shut down and eventually file bankruptcy due to the overwhelming medical bills.

But you know what? I did not let that get me down, I started over completely with nothing. First I bought a mobile home on Land contract so that I would have a place to live. It was located in Nashport, Oh.

I only paid $3,000 total for the trailer, $1,000 down which I made payments on as well. Then I bought another property on land contract as well. It is located in Zanesville, Oh.

The numbers for this pretty nice single family home were:
2 br single family
$27,000 purchase price
$500 down payment
10 year payoff (ONLY 8 Left!)

I was able to get this rented with positive cash flow. So it is paying for itself. I then found another property to buy. I negotiated a land contract on it as well with NO INTEREST! Will be paid off in 2 more years and guess what?

It is a 3 unit with positive cash flow as well, and I live in one of the units for now, FREE! It is located in Zanesville, Oh. I purchaed it for $19,000 with only $1,500 down payment.

I sold the mobile home I started with on land contract and made money from it as well, so I bought another mobile for $1200 cash, now selling it on land contract and making 4 times my money in 16 months! It is also located in Zanesville, Oh.

LOVE IT! OH, it does not stop there. I also have bought a nice 3 br home on land contract located in Columbus, Oh for only $26,000, $350 down payment and rented it out with positive cash flow.

I also have a duplex in Zanesville, Oh which was you guessed it, bought on land contract. Paid $35,000, only $250 Down! Downstairs unit rented and pays payment, upstairs already rented for profit! And now I just bought another Duplex in Columbus, Oh. Side by side, 3 Br each, Nice, doing some light rehab. Only $26,500, $350 down payment. One side will pay payment, taxes, insurance, maintenance. The other side will generate a good profit.

Now let me see, I have done all of this with very little of my own money I might add, in less than 4 years, and I am a stroke survivor.

But what amazes me the most is all the people that I have talked to that say these deals do not exist. To them I say GOD must be blessing me, because I am finding them all over the US! AND I LOVE AND THANK GOD FOR GIVING ME THIS LIFE!

Rick Buck

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On Fire for Life & Real Estate After Stroke

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