177 Real Estate Investing Success Stories

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Title From Location
Abandoned Farm House Wholesaled For $15K
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Worse First Wholesale Flip Deal Ever
Richard Wedderburn
Norristown, PA
$40K Profit From Rehab Deal I Found Online
Rick Baker
San Antonio, TX
Commercial Investing Flip Deal For $55K
Gene Myrick
Raleigh, NC
Killer Self Storage, Multi-Family & 1031 Exchange Deal
Tim Soto
Southern California
Tree Fell On Wholesale Deal In Middle Of Negotiations
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Yellow Letter Marketing Success Story
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Crazy Sellers, Distressed House & Persistence = $Paychecks$
Bob Hopkins & Randy Phillips
Visalia, CA
Foreclosure Auction Rehab Flip $27K Success Story
Art Link
Marietta, GA
Flipped Property Found on Tax Website Success Story
James Elizabeth
Norfolk, Virgina
Bird Dogging Land Deal For Cash Payout
Bob Westwood
North Las Vegas, NV
Wholesaling Deal Using Bird Dog Nabs $16,000 Profit
Elizabeth & Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Flipping is Better Than Rehabbing Success Story
James Elizabeth
Norfolk, Virgina
Flipping FSBO Distressed Home Success Story
Bob Westwood
North Las Vegas, NV
Wholesaled a Double Wide Mobile Home for $18K
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Investor Becomes Accidental Landlord & Survived Terrible Tenants
Mike O'Connell
Fredericksburg, VA
Newbie Successfully Learns To Wholesale On First Deal
Shaunte Murphy & Randy Phillips
Maryland & California
$40K FSBO Wholesale Deal During Snowmageddon
Kevin Kao
Atlanta, GA
New Part Time Investor Makes $5000 Using Craigslist
Sandor Gross
New Paltz, NY
Auction House Deal Just Keeps Cash Flowing
Patrick Lewis
Buffalo, NY
Slick Realtor Crazy All Cash Kitchen Table Deal
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
The Golden Goose Duplex Lease Deal Success Story
Patrick Lewis
Buffalo, NY
The Pigeon House Poop = Wholesale Pay Day
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Jersey REO Rehab Deal Flips For $50K Profit
Gary Laterovian
Bergen County, New Jersey
Private Lenders Save Self Storage Investment Closing
Tim Soto
Southern California
My Amazing First Wholesale Deal
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Landlording Successful Tenant Switch
Jarnell Porter
San Antonio, Texas
Real Estate Investor Friendly Agent Makes The Deal Fly
Tim Soto
Southern California
Bird Dog Makes Wholesaler $10K Using Bandit Signs
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Kansas City Rental Deal Success Story
Doug Mercer
Kansas City, KS
Crippled Homeless Guy Makes $2,000 Bird Dogging
Randy Phillps
Clovis, CA
Made $8,000 On Wholesaling Deal Off A $3 Yard Sign
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Raleigh Landlord First Rehab Flip Deal $47K Profit
Cary Bainbridge
Raleigh, NC
Bandit Sign Caught Us A Deal & Helped Us Save A Soul
Greg Berkland
St Louis, MO
Fast, Furious & Funded - Wholesale Deal
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Took Over Hard Money Loan On Apartment Deal
Craig Swisher
Nashville, TN
Small Condemned Shack Wholesales For $5,000
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Government Housing Cash Flow Rental Houses
Paul Grimmes
Columbus, OH
Landlord Revamps Property To Net Extra $4800
Erica Henry
Tacoma, WA
Wholesaled A Hoarder's Ugly House For $10,000
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
JackPot! Private Lending Success In Vegas
Anthony Mester
Las Vegas Nevada
I Buy Cheap Houses, Get 0% Special Rehab Financing
Lisa Phillips
Washington, DC
Distressed Flood Property Sells For $55K Profit
Paul London
East Nashville, TN
Caring Investor Helps Owner & Makes $27K Subject To
Geri Zamora
Stafford TX
Exciting Real Estate Investing Probate Wholesale Deal
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Patience, Knowledge Makes Investor $5K In Two Days
PJ Hankins
Muncie, Indiana
First Time Investor Experiments With A 4Plex
Orkeem Davis
Englewood, NJ
Lease Option Ranch Deal Made Me A Quick $7K
Randy Phillips
Clovis, CA
Kansas City Dynamic Duo Does Golf Course Rehab
Kim Tucker
Leawood, KS
Buying A Cash Flowing Duplex Property Nervous Ride
Kevin J Holtzman
Portland, OR
Rehab Genius & Money Partner Flips A Cracked House
Sarah Bixby
Sacramento, CA
House Thief Makes Profit! Skips Jail, Heads To Bank
Marc Bushee
Moorhead, MN
Retired Senior Starts Out Flipping A Probate Deal
William Brown
Atlanta, Georgia
Buckeye Newbie Snags Bulk Deal For $1K On Craigslist
Chris Harrell
Ashville, OH
Subject-2 Saves Owner, Expands Investor's Portfolio
Jay London
Apache, OK
Police Officer Quits and Becomes Real Estate Mogul
Jay London
Apache, OK
New Road Paves Way for $83K Rental Property Profit
Randy Wall
Mt. Holly, NC
Big Score with Low Ball Offer and Lease Option Flip
Amanda Bridges
Hampton, So Carolina
My First Wholesale Real Estate Deal Nets Me $6K
Malika Jackson
Capitol Heights, MD
No Money , No Problem - I Still Closed Two Deals
Steve Skains
Arlington, TX
Real Estate Success Inspired Me to Start A Charity
Brian Hart
Cincinnati, OH
Meth Lab Rehab Explodes Into A $35,000 Profit
Matt Seidel
Austin, TX
Investor Uses Private Money For Real Estate Education
Lorie Cole
Chicago, IL
Cemetery Plot Real Estate Flip is Successful
Monica B. Zamudio
Burbank, CA
Jogging For $$ - My First Big Rehab Pay Out
Ryan DeGennaro
Houston, TX
FHA 203K Loan Program a Profitable Exit Strategy
Ed Chister
Encino, CA
Website & Seller Financing Ingredients for $90K Profit
Ed Dwyer
St Pete Beach, FL
Fire Damaged House Flip Has a Smoking Payout
Robert Hernandez
Dallas, TX
One Property, Two Leases, Two Notes and $45K Profit
Ron Drummonds
Valrico, FL
My Persistence Turned the Bank's
Jason Stackhouse
Coatesville, PA
It's True - I Bought A House for $1.00
Arthur Cipperley
East Greenbush, NY
How a Philadelphian Made $10K the Easy Way
Andrew Coleman
Philadelphia, Pa
Kansas Foreclosure Special-Made 3x More Than Bank
Jared Howe
My First Apartment Deal Was a Success
Doug Robinson
Ontario, Canada
Short Sale Newbie Turns to the Pro's for Help
Nicholas Trerotola
On Fire for Life & Real Estate After Stroke
Rick Buck
Private Money Makes Me a Cool $350K in Commercial
Hal Howarth
Palm Springs ,CA
They Paid Me to Buy Their Apartment Complex
George Thibodeau
Falls Church, VA
Maverick Carves Path With Owner Financing & Notes
Fred Pollard
Cheney, WA
Mayhem in Memphis Makes for a Big Pay Out
Tom Christiansen
Memphis, TN
Took my Storage Facility From 65% to 95% Occupancy
Casey Cavell
North Webster, IN
Made a Small Fortune by Getting Lost
GM Leachman
Choudrant, LA
Best Little Condo Deal Ever
Rafael Siero
San Pablo, CA
Wholesaling a "Subject-To" Deal
Josh Aney
Tampa, FL
Oceanfront Seller Financing
Mike Wanner
Philadelphia, PA
First Time Wholesaler Closes the Deal!
Raleek Kee
Durham, NC
Newbie Makes 15K in 3 days
Ozzy Osborne
Cascade, Montana
Fixing Fixer Uppers
Ed Nettenstrom
Cookeville, TN
No Such Thing As Get Rich Quick
Kip Sen
Ann Arbor, MI
Made $25,000 In Last Six Months
Chris Johnson
Dothan, AL
My Friends Thought It Should Be Bulldozed
Steve Stephens
Spokane, WA
Our First Rehab
Scott Phillips
Rockwall, TX
Easy Flip
Paul Kuchinski
Keansburg, NJ
Flipped a House
Vickie Wallace
Carthage, NC
Flipped a Fixer-Upper
Ricardo Morales
Coral Springs, FL
Flipping a Single Family Home
Lee Abbott
Cumberland, RI
$60,300 Profit in Six Weeks
Andy Standen
Apex, NC
First Time Flipper
Brady Howard
West Monroe, LA
Teacher Becomes Full Time Investor
W.J. Brooks
Yantis, TX
Assignment Of Contract
Tanya Haley
Pittsboro, NC
Newbies First Deal
Lewis (Lou) Derr
Upper Lake, CA
Rental Property Success Story
Mike W.
Boulder, CO
A Great Success Story
Karl and Stacey Tallas
Oswego, IL
Time Heals All Wounds
Patrick Putorti
Pittsburgh, PA
Pre-Foreclosure Purchase, Rehab, and Sale for Profit
Grey Vick
Wilmington, NC.
Spend a Little, Make a Lot
Pam Bodley
Elmsford, NY
My Success Story
Archie Overton
San Leandro, CA
A Strong Buyers List Makes This Newbie Quick Cash!
Bill Guerra
Las Vegas, Nevada
An Unusual Arrangement
Debbie Schulte
Yakima, WA
Just the Right House
Robb Breen
West Michigan
Rehab Nightmare
Brian C. Wade
Leadwood, Mo.
My First Two Rehabs
Howard Burnison
joplin, mo
Who Says You Can't Make $ in Small Towns?
Claude Johnson
Illinois/Iowa border
First Rehab
Ryan Ballard
Dunmore, PA
First Assignment Profited $9000 in just 2 weeks!
Paul Guerrero
It Only Takes a Day!
Greg Filer
Bakersfield, CA
Persistence Was the Key
Ricardo Morales
South Florida
Being Patient With a Bank-Held Property
Mike Huegel
Sanford, MI
My Story
Darrell Gulstrom
Mt. Angel, OR
Auction Can Be Good
David Bonander
NW Indiana
My Continued Road to Financial Success
Anthony Santana
Why Not Do a Whole Subdivision?
Jason Wharton
Ask for Anything
D. Riley
Stafford, VA
Dump to Silk Purse in Right Zip Code
Lisa Clark
Rancho Santa Fe, CA
Abandoned Properties...Profits Just For Asking
Cathe Vanturini
Clermont, FL
Amazing Short Sale
William E. Bonnell
Long Process Was the Title
Corey Allen
Deal By The Book
Donna Capilli
New Jersey
An Amazing Foreclosure Story
Tammy Phelps
Frederick, MD
Divide and Conquer
Shane Atwood
Bradenton, FL
Too Good To Be True
Corey Allen
South Carolina
Research Pays Off
San Diego, CA
Ask and Receive
Dallas Collis
It Pays Not to Give Up!
Rich Lohman
Don't Hate Me Because I Am Lucky!
Jon St. Onge
7 Houses
Karen Mason
Titusville, FL
Friend Helped
Dave J.
Mansfield, TX
Knowing Your Market = $$$$$
Robert Auhll
Kiowa, CO
$10 to $50,000 in 30 days
Robert McDowell
Surprise, AZ
$70,000 With One Deal
Its that simple
Robert Ostrander
Know Your Market
Michael MacFarlane
Grand Junction, CO
One Lot Becomes Five...
Boyton Beach, FL
Land Profit
Norma Waltman
Hesperia, CA
HUD Foreclosure
Stephen Pride
Hutto, TX
Pull The Trigger
Colm McCormack
Colorado Springs, CO
T-Shirt Madness - My $60,000 REIClub Shirt!
David Dinkel
Hollywood, FL
It Pays to Be Persistent
Tallahassee, FL
My Very First Deal With No Help
Rose Quaranta
We Made Our First Million in 4 Years
Anthony Santana
Sacramento, CA
Four Properties With No Money Down
R Garrison
DeWitt, MI
Help Her Out / Help Them In
Bill Crider
Georgetown, TX
The $7000 Hanging Gutter Clue!
Lisa Flores
Plano, TX
My First
Rachel Lara
Virtually In My Back Yard
David Dinkel
South Florida
First Wholesale Deal
Derick M. Adams Jr.
Brookhaven, PA
Buy, Fix & Sell Turn Around
K. Schevis
Danvers, MA
Beginner's Wholesale
Kristopher G.
Phoenix, AZ
How I Made $1000 Per Hour
Dustin C.
Mom, I Am A Millionaire Now!
Wallace Hobbs
Philadelphia, PA
1031 Exchange
Al Papino
Rhode Island
Buy One Get One Free !
Gil Mack
Northern Virginia
The Power of A 1031 Exchange
Dave T
Pawleys Island, SC
Part-Time Newbie Having a Blast
Tim Randle
Round Rock, TX
You Can Do It!
Adam Katz
San Antonio, Texas
We Made About $10,000 in 3 Weeks
Kim Tucker
Kansas City, MO
I Knew This Business Was My Calling
Fort Worth. TX
Don't Like Short Sales?
Rick & Cindy
Anderson, SC
Cash Back at Closing
Lamplight Associates
Austin, TX
Dealing with a Challenging Property
TN Landlord
Nashville, TN
I Love This Business!
Brenda Houghton
Austin, TX
A Lot of Determination and Dedication
Heather Zaal
Houston, TX
A Triple Deal
Phill Grove
Austin, TX
Hard Work Pays Off Big
Taric Mirza
Los Angeles, CA
Part-Timer Gets Knocked Down, Gets Right Back Up
Cleburne, TX
We Knew We Had to Build this House
Ted Stokely
Austin, TX
It Couldn't Be Done in the SF Bay Area
Berkeley, CA

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